(transgressed boundaries, potent fusions, and dangerous possibilities)

we began planning #cyborgs right away when we became familiar with the work of maggie hazen. we used her work as a starting point and sent out an open call searching for #cyborg artists to tell us something about what Haraway meant by "transgressed boundaries, potent fusions, and dangerous possibilities".

the work we received resonated around the idea of digital intimacy. artificial intelligence has entered the common tongue, but what of emotional intelligence?

when thinking about #cyborgs, we can't ignore the goo.

...or the way that #cyborgs are fundamentally queer--neither nor both and any of the above answer unclear try again later.

can #cyborgs be born?

:some holographic performances by #cyborgs:

(๑╹ڡ╹) ✌️

as the production of interfaces intensifies, #cyborgs touch everything, taking many shapes.