Imitation is the sincerest phorm of phishing

Alex Hovet

Alex will be in residency on pf's Instagram from 7/20-8/20

Eric B. Hansen uploads under the username Santa Barbarian on the public preservation website Internet Archive. I know his past addresses, children's names, and social security number. He archives photographs and videos of everything he sees; every receipt, job application, sidewalk sale, jotted note and self-portrait. There are thousands of these uploads and there are more every day. Yet I have not been able to make contact with him. With this residency, I will relocate many of Eric Hansen's images to social media to attempt a more personal interpretation of their existence on the internet. I will creative speculative narratives from the information available in these artifacts, posting in the first-person as Hansen, guessing and piecing together a fractured narrative of a very personal life presented publicly, questioning the process of self-archiving and what and how much should be preserved in public when the archivist is his own subject, and the issues of observing a living archive.