Mixed Connections
By: Emma Dickson

Mixed Connections is built from thousands of Missed Connections posts scraped from all of the places that I've lived (Pittsburgh, New York, Durham). There was astonishing commonality amongst these posts; it seems that the id of America is horny and racist. People use Missed Connections for many things: angry rants at exes, fetish meet-ups, sharing photos of genitalia, spells, and art projects. The recombinant narrative that emerges from this mass of data is familiar.

Users are meant to interact with this piece. The initial page scrolls infinitely, adding layers of glitching as the user continues. The further you explore, the more the boundaries between the user, site, and locations break down. Posts are constantly added; the work is always growing and changing to reflect the present moment. Once viewing an individual post, users can click on the page to further scramble the sentences and create their own unique temporal narratives. I hope that through this experience people will gain a sense of what’s happening in the digital underbelly of the community around them.