Fratolish Hiang-Perpeshki

fratolish will be in residency on pf's Facebook page from 7/20-8/20

hello dear friends.

i wan tto share my story e with you .

i' am 23 years old Estonian boy from small village on Saaremaa island [ Yyou don't know it,,,right?? :) :) ] . in my childhood i was abdopted by an alien father. Nordic Type alien. he took me into his world and i could know technologies and geometric downloads directly in my brain. well,he visitedd me at night and activatd my core consciousnesses until i moved into the star realm . my body wa ssoft and receptive. thanks for listeningg m please share your expereinces to me too thanks my dear friends :)

pls check my web home page Face Book to find me more informations