a multi-platform art happening created and curated by jah justice @ peripheral forms

screenshot from Nicci Yin's Surface Tension.

#cyborgs brings together work from across disciplinary divides for a multiplatformed art experience focused on Donna Haraway's concept of the cyborg as a queer political body. #cyborgs connects photography, digital images, video, score based performance, digital avatars, social media residencies, and potent fusions of them all.

The website for #cyborgs serves as a nodal grouping that brings the works and the artists closer together on the indexes of the algorithims. From this base of operations, the work oozes out into the world through a publication, business cards, two pop-up installations, and a screening.

Artists: Alex Hovet, Chloe Patricia ONeill, Crystal Jiko Sasaki, Daniel Pinheiro, Desta Matla, Emma Dickson, fabiola larios, Fratolish Hiang-Perpeshki, Garrett Lynch, HOUSE OF KILLING ft Esben Holk, Izabela Koczanowska, karl munstedt, Kello + Anneli Goeller, Kevin A. Perrin, Dr. Lila Moore, Maggie Hazen, Manion Kuhn, Mores McWreath, Nicci Yin, Noah Travis Phillips, Peter Whittenberger, s-ara, Sam Lavigne, SEICA, Tara Youngborg, thereisamajorprobleminaustralia, Tim Tsang, William Wolfgang Wunderbar.

inquiries: justice @ peripheralforms.com

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Event Details:

First Friday @ Shout House and #cyborgs publication release party!
Friday July 6th, 6:30-9:30PM, Shout House [210 SE Madison St (Portland, OR)]

#cyborgs Screening at the Clinton Street
Tuesday July 17th, 7:30-9PM, Clinton Street Theater [2522 SE Clinton St (Portland, OR)]

#cyborgs Live @ Performance Works Northwest
Thursday July 26th, 7:30-10:30PM, Performance Works NorthWest [4525 SE 67th Ave (Portland, OR)]